The Old Bakery

Welcome to the old bakery, Our home, built around 1870. And though it might look old, it is rather a young one in this medieval hanseatic town where many houses were built in the 1400’s.

For a long time it used to be a bakery. A protestant bakery competing with the catholic bakeries. As a local of Doesburg once told us: “Dutch society was so divided until the end of the sixties that as a young catholic girl I was not allowed to enter that shop.”

The room we let is in the former bake house at the garden site of the main house.


But history goes further back. During the World War II a Jewish family was hidden here and also Polish people once came by our door telling us they had been hiding here during the war.

In the course of time many people from alle over the world stayed here for a shorter or longer time. You are more than welcome to join them.

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